Basic principles of YoctoReactor® (yR) library technology

The yR exploits the spontaneous self-assembly of bispecific DNA to direct chemical synthesis in a robust 3D DNA format. This design concept has several benefits:

  • Intrinsic error prevention critical to addressing difficult targets classes
  • Chemical reactivity is enhanced by ensured proximity
  • All chemical reactions occur at the junction center in identical environments
    thus reducing reaction bias
  • yR structure tolerates a range of chemical conditions due to double stranded character

Combinatorial assembly of vast DNA-encoded small molecule libraries

  • A library consists of millions to billions of DNA-encoded small molecules formed by combinatorial self-assembly of encoded BBs. Each encoded BB contains a unique DNA code for a unique BB.
  • Each yR is capable of performing several chemical reactions, sequentially or in situ.
  • The identity of the product is easily determined by DNA sequencing.
  • The yR affords precise control of chemical reactivity and deconvolution.

yR library assembly - Creation of million-billion member libraries