Vipergen ApS is actively seeking to enter into drug discovery alliances with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies taking innovative initiatives to make breakthroughs for their toughest projects.

Why partner with Vipergen?

  • Identify hits and hit families delivering SAR for instant evaluation of functional groups critical to the binding interaction
  • Address selectivity instantly by parallel selections on families of targets
  • Appropriate across therapeutic areas for soluble proteins (no structural information required)
  • Target-ligand residence time based discovery (unique capability)
  • Generate superior chemical starting points and provide medicinal chemists with a superior vantage point for lead optimizationg
  • Complements and supports acceleration of Hit-to-Lead optimization efforts
  • Demonstrated ability to address difficult targets (including PPIs)

Vipergen will leverage its proprietary yR and BTE technologies for the discovery of hits for its partners┬┤ important therapeutic targets. The scalability of the technology makes it particularly suitable for projects which can benefit from establishing specificity profiles on a range of targets or kinetic profiles of hits and Vipergen welcomes partners wishing to explore these capabilities.

Vipergen is also seeking to enter into joint ventures with companies having complementary technology or expertise.

If interested in potential alliances and collaborations to address your drug-discovery challenges contact us at: