High fidelity drug discovery - Get an early lead

Vipergen presents twin technologies which together deliver the highest fidelity drug discovery capabilities. YoctoReactor® (yR) technology creates vast small molecule libraries in a single tube. Binder Trap Enrichment® (BTE) is a homogeneous, single tube screening technology for rapid and comprehensive screening of yR libraries.

Key features of yR/BTE high fidelity drug discovery

  • Millions to billions drug-like small molecules screened
  • General applicable across disease areas and target classes
  • Applicable for difficult targets (including PPIs)
  • Target-ligand residence time based discovery (unique capability)
  • Affinity based discovery
  • Instant structure-activity relationship
  • Instant specificity - parallel selections on family of targets
  • Fast turn-around time
  • Low amounts of target protein required (µg)

YoctoReactor ® – technology platform for synthesizing DNA-encoded chemical libraries

yR libraries containing millions of DNA-encoded drug-like small molecules are synthesized simultaneously in a single tube approach by drawing on the self-assembly of complementary DNA into DNA junctions. Chemical building blocks (BB) are brought into close proximity facilitating chemical reaction and the attached DNA ultimately encodes the final product. The overall design has favorable implications for the scope and reliability of the chemistry, the stability of the structure, the potential size of the library, and, ultimately, the capability for addressing the most challenging targets.

  • Fidelity between the DNA-code and the synthesized small molecule is ensured by the precise 3D design of yR libraries featuring intrinsic error prevention.

The yR is shown here as space-filling model of a DNA 4-way junction. The volume of the reactor is on the order of a yoctoliter (10-24 liter). It can therefore facilitate and control single-molecule reactions.

Binder Trap Enrichment ® – technology platform for screening yR libraries

BTE is an advanced homogeneous screening methodology for yR libraries which identifies small molecule binders to a protein of interest. A large subset of these binders are found to be biologically active hits. This approach builds on the fundamental principle that a drug will only work as long as it is bound to its target.

BTE provides the solution to handling vast chemical libraries in a single tube to identify families of hits or singletons.

  • As a homogeneous assay, BTE delivers high fidelity and a low false positive rate by avoiding surface artifacts and the complexity of matrix binding.

Binder Trap Enrichment is a homogeneous screening method for DNA-encoded chemical libraries. Ligands are identified by trapping binding pairs (DNA-labeled target protein and DNA-encoded small molecule) in emulsion droplets during dissociation dominated kinetics. Once trapped, the DNA is joined by ligation, thus preserving the binding information and permits analysis by high capacity DNA sequencing.