Vipergen: High fidelity drug discovery - Get an early lead
High fidelity drug discovery - Get an early lead

Vipergen ApS is a biotechnology company dedicated to small molecule drug discovery using DNA-encoded chemical library technologies.

Vipergen seeks to leverage its proprietary drug discovery technologies in partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotech companies keen on tackling the most challenging protein targets for important unmet medical needs.

New possibilities for DNA-encoded chemical libraries are unlocked and unleashed with our YoctoReactor® (yR) technology and Binder Trap Enrichment® (BTE). These second generation DNA-encoded library technologies are designed to efficiently deliver the highest fidelity primary screening results in the industry.

The yR technology has set a new paradigm for DNA-directed chemistry and the generation of high fidelity libraries. BTE is a homogeneous screening technology for yR libraries which offers unequivocal primary screening data in a simple, single screen.

Fidelity, inherent in these complementary technologies, coalesce, to efficiently generate hits for even challenging protein targets while integrating kinetic and thermodynamic criteria for comprehensive SAR analysis. yR and BTE are technologies to adopt when difficult problems are faced and shorter project timelines are desired without compromising quality.

We believe that by exploring vast, high quality chemical space thoroughly and innovatively, hits will be identified in greater number and quality to inspire a more successful hit-to-lead process.